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Easy and transparent for resellers and partners. The software costs are estimated at 4 to 5 figures. It helps to save lots of money. Helps Planning New Purchases WorkTime shows you the real situation about computers and software usage. Based on this information your company can plan future purchases. Your company saves 30 salaries of 1, minimum with WorkTime. They are happy for years with WorkTime quality, reliability, effectiveness, fully satisfied with the successful results. They are banking, insurance, medical, government, charity, educational and other organizations worldwide.

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Respecting Working Time. Respecting Privacy. What is worktime? Employee Monitoring: Attendance Implement attendance monitoring in a computerized office.

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Designed for Performance WorkTime is designed to process large volumes of information and to use minimum of system resources. Free Employee Monitoring At NesterSoft we support growth and success of small businesses and self-employed, offering both free on-premises and free cloud-based employee monitoring for up to 3 employees. Evaluate Now Buy. We saved for about 60 salaries per year. Our main concern is Internet usage.

WorkTime is a really good addition to it as it monitors employee computer idle time. We Hear You! WorkTime constantly evolves based on your feedback. WorkTime Clients They are happy for years with WorkTime quality, reliability, effectiveness, fully satisfied with the successful results. October 21, WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software Release Version: October 1, In , many employers are willing September 10, New fixes added Then fine-tune to enhance performance.

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User activity monitoring Activity Categorization. Automatically categorized employee computer activity allows you to easily measure your business metrics and trends. Data Mining. Give your data scientists eye-opening employee behavior raw data.

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Then, let them work their analytical magic to help correct inefficiencies and enhance productivity. Enterprise Ensure company-wide effectiveness with powerful automated reports that provide a top-down view of activity and habits. Remote Teams Monitoring employees is challenging enough.

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Productivity Enhancement Advanced productivity monitoring enables you to truly understand how employees use their time. Employee Focus Rein in digital distractions and wasted time to keep employee minds on the job. Teleworkers Part of a team split between office and home? Pretty intuitive for our management, allows team leaders to manage their own departments, and lets employees fill in their own time spent on meetings and workshops. The All-in-One application that streamlines day-to-day operations to manage productivity better.

A great tool to visualize team productivity. I would recommend it to all operational teams working remotely at home. Fred Nicholson. Rohit Tinku. Senior C. Ready to discover how smooth and seamless Workpuls is to use? Take an in-depth look at how our products work. Visit How it Works Page. Learn More.

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Try the simplest solution today… Try Now For Free. What is Employee Monitoring Software? Let that sink in. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Do you need customization? How much will it really cost?


How simple is it to install and use? How will your employees react? At times, both managers and employees think of it as nothing more than basic employee surveillance. Best of all, employee activity monitoring software delivers this data as actionable insights and trends that you can use to constantly enhance team performance.

Imagine having an all-seeing, all-knowing manager on your team. Plus, with some computer monitoring software, like Workpuls, tracking workers happens automatically and in real-time. With these incredible data insights, you can optimize productivity, calculate wages, track and budget project costs, streamline work processes, determine staffing needs, and enhance just about every other aspect of business. Simply, instead of doing things on a hunch or intuition, you can make decisions based on verified data. Now, most modern workplaces struggle with these problems, which severely hamper team performance and productivity.

If the second option sounds more logical to you, then read on. We get it. In business, it all comes down to numbers, data and results. Office workers. But what exactly would it look like in your business? Here are three real-life examples of companies using Workpuls that show how flexible, easy-to-use and effective a work tracker can be.

A better way to monitor work was needed. Enter Workpuls. At Workpuls, we know architects, like engineering and construction companies, have a structured way of doing things. This includes the way they name the CAD files they use to design their projects. Simply by knowing the naming convention of files, Workpuls now tracks and monitors the work of hundreds of workers across the country - without them having to start a program, manually input activity or log time. Most agencies know the importance of getting billing right.

Take one call center for instance that installed Workpuls.

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Like other similar companies, the nature of their work has uniform processes during working hours. The company integrated Workpuls into these processes, seamlessly making it a part of standard operations. Installed system-wide in the call center, Workpuls monitors user activity of each team member as they provide support and service.

By collecting, analyzing and structuring data from day-to-day processes, Workpuls then delivers individual and team performance, productivity and activity reports. Even delivering customized reports for management so their team can provide better support, service and feedback to customers. If you need to monitor just one or two household computers, you will want to look at our SpyAgent review or Realtime-Spy review for the best monitoring software product for that use.

NetVizor now allows total remote take-over and controls! Toggle navigation. Activity Monitoring You'll know how your employees are using their computer. Content Filtering Need to filter Facebook or Twitter? Network Data Security Rather have your data on your internal network instead of the cloud? NetVizor records anything your employees do on the network.

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Real Time Tracking NetVizor not only records every thing users do, but in addition, enables you to remotely connect to user workstations and see what they truly are doing in real time. See what everyone is working on with the Real-time Activity Ticker. See every computer with a single click with Visual Network tools. View Keystrokes in real time as they are being typed.